''Genius Loci'' by Emil Pabon

We believe art brings soul to space, which in its turn provokes thought and conversation. Consider Maison Haas Hustinx as a gesamtkunstwerk. Combining the disciplines of fine arts, design, and interior architecture while continuing its vivid cultural past.

Through our commitment to rejuvenate the eclectic Maison Haas Hustinx and its colourful history, we have seen an extensive renovation process over the past few years. By complementing the maison with a spa retreat, culinary experiences, and art exhibitions, we are currently well on our way to finalize the foundations of the gesamtkunstwerk. 

As a continuation to the ‘salon de thé’ activities held by Madame Haas in her Maison Haas, and the world exploring efforts and photographic work of the neighbouring Alphons Hustinx, we aim to let their spirits reverberate through our annual exhibitions. 

A photography project with a group of young male photographers was started as an introduction for Maison Hustinx who opened its door in 2018. Each photographer brings new images that have been taken around the world and brought to Maastricht, same as how Hustinx once did. 

Photographer Emil Pabon, lives and works in Amsterdam. For Maison Haas Hustinx we shoot an editorial in collaboration with renowned fashion buyers Kiki Niesten and Phillippe Maasen in Maastricht. We wanted to put the classical building of Maison Haas Hustinx and the outdoor surroundings of Maastricht in a different light while working alongside with young people and fashion.

Below you will find the outcome.