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" Liber Librum Aperit | One book opens another''

We believe art brings soul to space, which in its turn provokes thought and conversation. Consider Maison Haas Hustinx as a gesamtkunstwerk combining the disciplines of fine arts, design and interior architecture looking to continuate its vivid cultural past. Through our commitment to rejuvenate the eclectic Maison Haas Hustinx and its colorful history we have seen an extensive renovation process over the past few years. By complementing the maison with a spa retreat, culinary experiences and art exhibitions we are currently well on our way to finalize the foundations of the gesamtkunstwerk. As a continuation to the 'salon de thé' activities held by Madame Haas in her maison Haas and the world exploring efforts and photographic work of the neighboring Alphons Hustinx we aim to let their spirits reverberate through our annual exhibitions. If any of the artworks captivate you during your stay we invite you to express your interest to our staff for more information and prices.

" Liber Librum Aperit | One book opens another''

Anne Büscher

With her experimental approach to the artistic process, each artwork by Anne Büscher (Stuttgart, 1991) can be seen as an artistic experiment in which she stretches the perceived reality of the involved materials and techniques. By bringing the unseen to our awareness, her work uncovers unperceived realities and thus broadens our perception. This happens through allowing for new possible ways of looking at reality or creating an awareness of transient materials such as the wind or daylight.

Sabine Lintzen

In a never-ending stream of glass objects, Sabine Lintzen (Aachen, 1956) attempts to structure and organise the world around her by fixating and materialising thoughts into glass. The past 10 years she has intensively focused on DNA-structures, cell shapes and microorganisms. The blown glass captures light and colour and the forms interact with the environment and reacts with the movement of the spectator. Diverse perspectives continually uncover new connections and colour fields, resulting in a symbiosis between space and matter and light. Sabine Lintzen has acquired international recognition over the past few decades and her objects can be admired throughout her numerous (monthly) exhibitions throughout Europe and beyond. For atelier visits (15 min from Maastricht) and her latest exhibitions, body of work and more visit

Photo project Hustinx

With the maison functioning as a cabinet of wonders for our guests to indulge in, we hope to continuate the cultural conversation, inspire and simultaneously collaborate with these wonderfully talented artists. For the first innovative effort we curated a multitude of artists to create a sphere that conveys positivity through their notion of beauty. We proudly present the first photo exhibition " Liber Librum Aperit | One book opens another " the photographic project of Lemmie van den Berg, Bas Lengemann, Boris Postma and Ruben van Weelden. If any of the artworks captivate you during your stay we invite you to express your interest to our staff for more information and prices.